Energy transportation

STEP-G produces high-quality and reliable bus bar tubes for energy transportation using the EN AW 6101 B-T6 alloy. From a wide product range we offer different versions and lengths (up to a maximum of 30 m) for all applications, such as bus bars and casing tubes, including their profile conductor.

The right version for every situation

Z-bends in order to compensate different levels — or pre-bending for wide column spacing sleeves and the welding of lugs are some of the advantages of our variety.


As a matter of course STEP-G offers
//    Crane offloading in case of delivery direct to site.
//    Secure handling by use of best possible packing in shaped wooden crate.
//    Protective covers can be attached on demand.

Selection from the current range of bus bars

  • Tubes 300 x 8 mm
  • Tubes 250 x 5/6/8/10/12 mm
  • Tubes 200 x 4/5/6/8/10/12/12,5 mm
  • Tubes 180 x 5/8/10/11/15 mm
  • Tubes 160 x 6/8/10 mm
  • Tubes 120 x 5/6/8/10/12 mm
  • Tubes 100 x 5/6/7/8/10 mm
  • Tubes 80 x 8/10/20 mm
  • Tubes 50 x 5 mm

GIL Tubes

  • Pressed tubes with a maximum internal diameter of 500 mm
  • Conductor as profile or round bar
  • Length up to maximum of 30 m