Flying Specimen Saw


Böhler Steuerungen, Reisch Maschinenbau and Rackwitz Industrie-Anlagen developed a flying specimen saw for STEP-G which takes profile specimens without interrupting the extrusion process. This innovation of a flying specimens saw is unique in Europe.

Until now, the extrusion process had to be interrupted each time or workers had to wait until the profile specimen becomes available on the cooling table for further processing. Now the results of additional stop marks could be reduced and the plant in Vogt saves time in its extrusion process.

In the new system the specimen saw cuts directly the sample after the cooling station and transfers it to a specimen trolley. With this new process flow a constant performance is given. Thanks to the use of the specimen saw and trolley, hand sawing and the handling of hot profiles are eliminated. Furthermore the workers have a higher protection and safety during their working time.

You find also more details in the newest magazine of International ALUMINIUM Journal, issue 10/2015.

Quelle: Böhler Newsletter
Bild: © Böhler (Retusche STEP-G)

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