Great willingness to donate at STEP-G plant in Bonn and Vogt


Great willingness to donate at STEP-G plant in Bonn and Vogt

A bitter stroke of fate due to serious disease of the own child? Or the daily challenge in dealing with a disabled child? Unfortunately, there are some families that face these challenges in our immediate environment every day. Financial support in difficult family situations is an important pillar. Last year, STEP-G and its employees also provided financial support to institutions which are socially involved.

As part of the STEP-G family celebration in Bonn, money was raised in a donation-financed raffle that was subsequently supplemented by many STEP-G employees. In total 3,010 euros came together. A considerable amount, which was handed over to the Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder und Jugendliche Bonn e.V. The association has set itself the task of improving the situation of children with cancer and their families. Jan Hennemann, Förderkreis Bonn e.V., is pleased about the active donation from STEP-G. In the past, he was forced to contend with a great loss of a family member caused by cancer. That's why he understands parents and families very well with their worries and grief. One of the projects of the Förderverein is the planned construction of a new family house next to the children's hospital in Bonn with an investment of six million euros. This creates a temporary home where relatives can live during in-patient treatment of their children. Hennemann says: "The many strokes of fate which I have to deal with every day sometimes goes very deep. However, my employees and I know that we are doing something good – and this every day. The donation from STEP-G and from many other companies as well as individuals helps us to take some small worries away from the families in their toughest hours. Therefore, we are happy about any kind of support. "

Further to the south in the STEP-G plant in Vogt, the employees diligently collected for needy children and families. At last year's Christmas party, all employees came together and let the year come to an end. The many gifts from suppliers and providers were raffled over a large raffle and sold the individual lots. The willingness to donate was even greater in 2018 than the year before. The workforce has collected in only one evening a proud amount of 1,425 euros. The amount went completely to the Radio 7 Drachenkinder. One of the most successful charity campaigns in Baden-Wurttemberg. The donations will be used exclusively in the broadcasting area of ​​Radio 7. The focus is on sick, disabled and traumatized children and adolescents, the so-called Drachenkinder.

Press release and image material to download:
press release_stepg_great_willingness_to_donate_bonn_vogt

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Image 1: STEP-G donates € 3,010 to the Förderkreis für Kinder und Jugend Bonn e.V.; (from left) Manuela Neumann, STEP-G, Jan Hennemann, Förderkreis Bonn, Denise Stevic, STEP-G, Heiko Strobel, STEP-G
Image 2: STEP-G staff donate to the Radio 7 Drachenkinder; Representing the STEP-G workforce at the plant in Vogt: (from left) Marc Hanschur, Monika Müller-Buck, Thomas Weber, Alexandra Veser-Reck, Manuela Neumann

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Manuela Neumann, Marketing Manager
Tel: +49(0)7529 999-422

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