"Light Electro Mobility" (LeM) – STEP-G is a parts supplier for eScooter


For some time the eScooter has been very well received in our society. In large cities those scooters become increasingly popular due to their high performance and a range of 50-100 kilometers. Therefore the focus is sustainable driving pleasure obtained using the drive system for light electric vehicles.

A new development of ST Extruded Products Group (STEP-G) is an aluminium profile for the battery housing of lithium-ion batteries which is used for the eScooter. According to "Light Electro Mobility" STEP-G is able to produce the housing with a dead-weight of only less than three kilograms and integration into the most scooters and mopeds. Therefore a simple and uncomplicated replacement of the housing as well as the battery for service technicians is ensured. The housing is manufactured on the basis of long-standing anchored automotive standards and thus stands for high quality and safety in the daily use of these electric vehicles. The anodized surface which enhances visually the housing, creates also a corresponding protection and longevity of the part. In this context mobility is given new significance.


Press release and image material to download:
Press release_STEP-G_LeM_parts_supplier_for_eScooter


For more information please contact:
Manuela Neumann, Marketing Manager
Tel: +49(0)7529 999-422

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