Mobile phones for the protection of gorillas


STEP-G collects mobile phones for the protection of gorillas

Coltan, the black gold, is part of every cell phone and tablet. More than 20 percent of coltan which is produced and used in mobile devices, comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. To respond this market demand more and more living space in Congo will be destroyed as well as illegal exploitation and corruption will be supported.

Therefore ST Extruded Products Group (STEP-G) has begun to collect the company-owned, used mobile phones to pass those ones to the cooperation between the Zoo Frankfurt and the Zoological Society of Frankfurt (ZGF) and sets an important sign for sustainability and protection of species. This collection of mobile phones resulted in an amount in a four-digit range. The entire proceeds are used to 100 percent by the ZGF for worldwide protection projects to preserve habitats and biodiversity. The ZGF project also protects the habitat of the gorillas and their species in the Congo, because this becomes more and more threatened and the habitat is removed from them by the dismantling of coltan.

For this purpose ST Extruded Products Group has decided to continue the collection of old, used mobile phones for providing and supporting the ZGF with its project. It is also planned to promote this specific project to protect the species of gorillas and their habitat.


More information about this project is available here or


Press release and image material to download:
STEP-G mobile phones for the protection of gorillas 
Collected mobile phones of STEP-G


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