Quality innovation at STEP-G in Duffel – automated ultrasonic testing machine set another high quality range


STEP-G Quality innovation in Duffel - automated ultrasonic testing machine

Safety is indispensable for aircraft suppliers. A special focus is placed on the high safety requirements of the aerospace industry for ST Extruded Products Group (STEP-G) plant in Duffel (Belgium). By investing in a fully automated ultrasonic testing machine, STEP-G is able to test and adhere to the requirements for aluminium profiles. This ensures the safety of the profiles which are used particularly in the aerospace industry. The new ultrasonic testing machine complies with the most used standards for “non-destructive testing of aluminium rods” e.g. ASTM B594, AMS STD2154 and the EN4050-2 as well as EN4050-4.

With this innovation STEP-G increases its own capacities and productivity as well as ergonomics and safety for its own employees. Furthermore STEP-G sets great standards ahead in quality and quality management for its customers.

This machine can test rods up to four tonnes with a diameter between 10 and 110 millimetres and up to a length of 4.5 meters and with an accuracy up to class AA. By means of the test method a hundred percent control of the bars as well as an ID marking to ensure an one hundred percent traceability are carried out and thus achieves a high standard in quality management.


Press release and image material to download:
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