STEP-G ranks among the best employers in terms of its commitment to their employees


STEP-G ranks among the best employers in terms of its commitment to their employees

Do you know what is really important for university graduates? A study conducted by the Deutsche Unternehmensbörse shows the importance of social factors for the applicants. STEP-G is one of the top 29 employers among medium-sized companies, in terms of the commitment to their employees. Especially in the areas of health management, financial and material benefits, as well as pension and health care STEP-G is already very foresightedly and meets the needs of its future employees. With benefits such as regular trainings, company sports, health activities and preventions programs, STEP-G resists successfully against the dominant lack of specialists and differentiates itself towards the competitors in the battle of young professionals.

The Deutsche Unternehmerbörse has commissioned a two-part study at the Sozialwissenschaftlichen Institut S.W.I. Schad. For the first part, around 1,000 young academics were interviewed in June 2016 according to their wishes to future employers. In the second part, 584 companies have named their offers, which they provide to arouse the applicants’ interest. Afterwards it was analyzed which companies best meet the graduates needs.

The results were summarized in eight thematic areas: work-life balance, training opportunities and career possibilities, good working atmosphere, financial and material benefits, good corporate image, recruitment process, pension and health care as well as operational health management. The study has nominated 29 companies, which are particularly committed to their employees. This includes the ST Extruded Products Group.

The working atmosphere, work-life balance and training opportunities have a very high relevance for graduates. It turns out that the medium-sized employers are well-positioned to these wishes to the requests of the candidates. Only in the case of special requirements and wishes, such as childcare in exceptional cases, it is still necessary for employers to catch up. STEP-G offers its employees in this category already the overtime compensation as well as flexible working hours. This makes it easier to combine work and family life.

In the field of operational health management, only a few companies are well positioned. STEP-G is one of the pioneers in this area and is presenting itself as an innovative employer. The wide-ranged offers such as work-ergonomic workplace analysis, addiction prevention and fresh fruit show the high significance of employee health for the company.


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