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Specific casting alloys from STEP-G

Wrought alloys from our own foundry for top requirements

In our extensively modernised foundry in Hettstedt, STEP-G produces a wide range of cast aluminium products for multiple customer applications. Working closely with our customers, we create a large variety of alloys tailored to their requirements. Other important factors are the sustainable use of aluminium combined with efficient recycling, which play a key role in reducing carbon emissions. Today the average share of secondary aluminium in our alloys is 80 percent and we are constantly working to maximise this.

High-strength alloys from STEP-G for a wide range of applications

What sets STEP-G apart is that it supplies customer-specific solutions with significant added value. A strong basis for success is the use of high-quality alloys from our own foundry produced with the expertise from many years of experience. We specialise in medium and high-strength alloys for a wide range of applications and markets. For example, we work closely with customers from industries including further processing, automotive and rail vehicle manufacturing, aerospace, machine and plant engineering. We also work with distributors throughout Europe. Our sustainable aluminium alloys are designed to improve our customers applications. 

Custom wrought alloys from our own foundry

At STEP-G, we are committed to improving the properties of aluminium and complying with customer requirements, especially relating to strength, corrosion-resistance and other properties such as electrical conductivity. We combine individual alloying elements such as magnesium, manganese, copper and silicon to meet customer specifications for non-hard enable yet saltwater-resistant materials or hard enable alloys. In this process we precisely check the mixing ratio of the base metal aluminium with one or more alloying elements and always produce our alloys in compliance with the applicable ISO, EN and JIS standards. This is how we ensure the consistently high quality of our wrought alloys for each customer’s specific application. We only use top-quality materials. On request by the customer, we carry out a full ultrasonic testing of machined billets to guarantee consistent quality.

The variety of alloys from STEP-G at a glance:

  • Standard alloy ranges of types 2xxx (AlCu), 5xxx (AlMg(Mn)), 6xxx (AlMgSi) and 7xxx (AlZnMg(Cu)) 
  • Customer-specific special alloys 
  • Machined products: diameters of up to 390 millimetres, lengths of up to 1,750 millimetres 
  • Non-machined products: diameters of up to 505 millimetres, lengths of up to 5,000 millimetres    
  • Our products are available in an homogenised form and in the case of 6082 alloys with T6 heat treatment    

To find out more about the comprehensive range of alloys available from STEP-G. Simply contact us. Working together we can optimise existing alloys to suit your specific applications.

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Versatile aluminium extruded billets for extruded profiles

We supply our customers with aluminium extruded billets or cast billets produced in our STEP-G foundry in Hettstedt. This gives them the raw materials they need to manufacture their own specific extruded profiles. Customers receive top-quality extruded billets from STEP-G explicitly tailored to their requirements.