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Lightweight aluminium solutions for vehicle and chassis manufacturing

Crucial to today's vehicle and chassis manufacturing are weight savings and specific material properties. There is a vast scope for aluminium profiles which offer a huge range of applications. Apart from conventional chassis components such as crash systems, bumpers and ABS brake blocks, the rapid development of alternative drive systems demands additional solutions. As a leading supplier to global automobile manufacturers, STEP-G is an expert partner with many years of extensive experience in lightweight, sustainable aluminium solutions for vehicle manufacturing. We support our customers in the automotive industry right from the design phase so they can achieve their automotive visions.

Extensive profile variety for the automotive industry

The variety of shapes, geometries and material properties required by the car manufacturing industry is vast. STEP-G meets these demands ranging from conventional chassis components to components for alternative-drive vehicles. Whether a customer wants a simple solid profile or a complex multi-chamber hollow profile, sophisticated precision components and assemblies in aluminium - we can provide a solution.  

We work closely with our automotive customers to find innovative solutions made of aluminium. Our products also help ensure driving safety and excellence. 

Hotspots ansehen 3d Visualisierung
ESP und ABS Pumpengehäuse

Die Hochpräzisionspumpengehäuse sind ein unverzichtbares Element für sicherheitsrelevante ABS und ESP Module, unabhängig von der Antriebsart.


Als wichtiges Leichtbauelement ist der Schweller eine Komponente am Unterboden an dem u.a. die Wagenheberaufnahme befestigt wird.

Batterierahmen und Module

Der Batterierahmen besteht aus mehreren Profilen mit hohen mechanischen und thermischen Anforderungen und ist ein Schlüsselelement der E-Mobilität.

Adapter Tunnelstrebe

Der Adapter wird mit der Tunnelstrebe und dem Unterboden vorn verschraubt und ermöglicht einen Material-Mix für konsequente Leichtbaustrategien.

Crashbox (Crash-Management-System)

Die Crash-Management-Systeme erfüllen höchste Anforderungen an Energieabsorbation und Festigkeit.

Stoßfänger/ Bumper (Crash-Management-System)

Die Crash-Management-Systeme erfüllen höchste Anforderungen an Energieabsorbation und Festigkeit.

Weight saving for longer range of electric vehicles

The trend towards alternative drives remains a clear target. It includes hybrid technology as well as pure battery-driven electric cars. A priority for these drives is reducing the vehicle weight in order to achieve a longer range. The use of aluminium components is key in this task. STEP-G is a major supplier of extruded aluminium components to renowned car manufacturers. As a specialist in aluminium extruded profiles and their further processing, STEP-G offers comprehensive expertise for intelligent solutions in the form of battery compartments and battery mounts.

The STEP-G one-stop-shop concept meets the demands of future customers

Apart from the manufacture of aluminium profiles for chassis manufacturing and components for electric vehicles, STEP-G's services include a one stop shop concept. Included here is extrusionCNC machining, surface treatment, assembly, packing and shipping of related components. Based on our expertise and close cooperation with customers in the automotive industry. We are fully aware of the logistics requirements for optimal supply of components to a car manufacturers' production lines. Together we design the perfect logistics concept.

Right from the start of our partnership you deal with one key contact. This makes the process much easier and more efficient. You benefit from the convenience of a simple streamlined interface. STEP-G offers you friendly support throughout the whole manufacturing process. This approach ensures a closer relationship with you so we can better meet your specific requirements.

Global presence for perfect implementation of customer projects

On the automobile market global availability of products is crucial. With locations in Europe and China, we are ideally placed to supply projects for customers around the world. All our plants produce our aluminium profiles to the same high-quality standards. This quality is inspected and confirmed by several certifications.

To prevent downtimes in our customers' production plants, we maintain parallel extrusion capacities we can use to manage unplanned contingencies. All STEP-G locations draw on a large plant and machinery stock that ensures they can implement customer-specific projects. In line with new orders, we regularly expand our equipment to match customer requirements.  

STEP-G locations certified for the automotive industry

The automotive industry is constantly changing. New trends demand further development in different areas. That leads to new challenges in the form of efficiency in quality management, supply chain optimisation, occupational safety and data security. All our locations involved in automotive projects hold the IATF 16949 standard as well as various ISO certifications. We also implement seamless, effective environmental management and occupational health and safety management. High-quality aluminium products and services are in our DNA.

Our contribution to a more sustainable future

Using our aluminium components, customers can manufacture lighter, safer and more fuel-efficient vehicles. Aluminium allows for huge weight savings and this drastically reduces CO2 emissions. This is how all elements in the supply chain contribute to a more sustainable future. At STEP-G, our aim is to help shape the mobility of the future and play our part in significantly boosting sustainability and environmental protection. Our focus here is on the recycling content of the input material.

Standing still is not one of our strengths. Together with our customers, we stay ahead of the times and turn visions into reality..

Garry Bat
Head of Competence Centre Automotive


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