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Comprehensive range of surface finishing methods from STEP-G

The right surface finish can significantly improve the aesthetics and properties of aluminium profiles and components. The benefits include corrosion resistance, harder surface structure, better wear resistance and electrical insulation. Various surface finishing techniques are used to achieve these properties.

Anodising for custom surface finish and corrosion resistance protection

Surface finishing aluminium profiles by anodic oxidation is known as anodising. The process creates a tough, dense oxide coating which bonds with the aluminium to provide a harder surface. The advantages of the process are excellent protection against corrosion and weathering. Our customers can choose between anodising to produce a transparent finish or add colour to the finish. 

Surface finishing by powder coating

Powder coating is a further surface finishing method we offer for aluminium products and components. It’s available in a broad colour palette and provides a high level of protection against environmental elements. You can choose from the entire RAL colour range for your powder coating requirement. That gives you ultimate design freedom. Furthermore, powder coating is UV resistant and therefore ideal for outdoor applications. Thanks to the excellent adhesion to the material surface powder-coated components can subsequently be machined.

During the powder coating process, electrostatically charged polyester resin in powder form is sprayed onto a previously anodised aluminium profile. The method is eco-friendly because it is completely solvent-free.

Passivation of aluminium components

The first step in surface finishing by aluminium passivation is removing the uneven oxide film on the aluminium surface. Then an ultrathin specific conversion coating is applied. This ensures better corrosion resistance and provides an excellent basis for paint and varnishes Varnish is not correct. What’s more passivation is also compatible with joining methods such as welding and gluing. With our comprehensive range of surface treatments we can meet practically any requirement in terms of processing capability, corrosion protection and design.

Our comprehensive range of further processing services offers you optimal conditions for immediate integration of your aluminium profiles and components into your production flow.

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