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Aluminium in structure and building construction

At STEP-G we understand the high requirements of planners, architects, general contractors and dealers as well as the construction companies who install our extruded aluminium systems.  
Our customers can rely on sophisticated surface finishes for the aesthetics they need as well as special and functional properties tailored to the purpose of each structure or building. We supply extrusion-pressed aluminium profiles for windows, doors, façades and flat roofs. 

Architects & general contractors appreciate the benefits of our BUG Aluminium-Systeme brand

Quality is a hallmark of STEP-G because we demand the highest standards of performance, quality and safety from our extrusion-pressed aluminium profiles for building systems. More than seventy years of experience and expertise go into the BUG Aluminium-Systeme brand from STEP-G. 

With aluminium profile systems from BUG, structures and buildings stand out, benefitting from unique good looks and technical functionality. Excellent workmanship and finishing as well as innovative developments ensure all our products are system-compliant as well as easy, fast and simple to install. Whether you require a complete façade system in aluminium or tailor-made solutions for windows – our expertly finished extrusion-pressed profiles are the right choice for the job.  

High-quality, sustainable, safe and efficient

Our BUG Aluminium-Systeme brand offers solutions for windows and doors as well as façades and flat roofs tailored precisely to your requirements. You get assembly-ready product accessories and custom aluminium components for your specific construction design. Our production and processing facilities produce extrusion-pressed aluminium profiles in high, Made-in-Germany quality, covering the entire value creation chain.

Did you know that the light weight of aluminium minimises the bearing load of structural components in the construction industry? As a lightweight metal, aluminium offers a high strength-to-weight ratio which provides excellent safety and stability in the construction industry. What’s more, the silver-coloured metal gives you flexible design options. Its natural corrosion resistance gives aluminium high durability. These properties combined with our manufacturing depth and comprehensive finishing options ensure our products offer lasting, reliable protection against weathering, climate damage and other environmental effects. Once they are installed, the aluminium products we develop meet the highest quality and sustainability requirements. Together our aim is to help you realise your vision in all your structures, building and construction projects! Simply contact our experts for the construction industry

Bold, beautiful, BUG

BUG Aluminium-System is a brand of ST Extruded Products Germany GmbH and therefore firmly anchored in the STEP-G group. BUG was founded in Vogt more than seventy years ago. It operates production sites in Bitterfeld and Vogt. Our current facilities are completed by a further processing and logistics distribution centre in Hettstedt and a sales branch in Traun, Austria. BUG products are supplied to the construction industry, with a special focus on extruded aluminium system profiles. 

The extensive product range has been an established fixture in the market for more than half a century. For us Made in Germany is not just a guarantee of quality but also an essential hallmark of the BUG Aluminium-Systeme brand.

Wir sind Entwickler, Hersteller und Vertreiber von mehrwertgenerierenden und differenzierten Aluminium-Systemlösungen für den Schutz und die Veredelung von Bauteilen um das Fenster und um das Dach. 
BUG Aluminium-Systeme - eine starke Marke mit Tradition und Respekt.

Martin Götze
Head of BUG Aluminium-Systeme