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STEP-G supports sustainable development

Our activities support and promote sustainable development thus making an important contribution to environmental protection and resource saving. Driven by our values of openness, innovation, performance and continuity, STEP-G is dedicated to sustainable business operations. Our employees also support our core values and are key to their implementation.

STEP-G Code of Conduct & Ethics

Our code of conduct and ethics defines the fundamental principles behind our business activities. We assume responsibility for our impacts on the global economic and holistic environmental system. Consequently, we are dedicated to a sustainable future in all these areas. 


STEP-G supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

As an industrial company we embrace our responsibility to support and drive sustainable development at all times. The United Nations Agenda 2030 resolved in September 2015 defines actions for sustainable development in a balance between economic progress, social justice and ecological responsibility. Naturally, STEP-G takes this responsibility seriously. Sustainable development is a core principle in our daily work, and we consistently take it into account. Therefore, at STEP-G we contribute to and support eleven UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Good health and well-being

  • Our health and occupational safety management is designed to improve the wellbeing and resilience of our employees 
  • Health and resilience are our most important resources. We invest in them to keep us well prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow. They provide us with the agility to respond quickly and flexibly to the highly dynamic development of our work environments 
  • A health-conscious management team and highly trained employees guarantee top performance without compromising on health and safety 
  • We create a working atmosphere in which people value and respect each other. Open, active communication and information distributed on an equal level are key to a positive working environment 
  • We help our managers and employees to develop their true potentials 
  • Occupational health and safety are firmly embedded in all phases and routines in our working system 
  • Software-aided health and safety processes are standardised throughout the STEP-G group. This is how we ensure continuous improvement in sustainability, health and working conditions 
  • The top priority at STEP-G is the protection of the health and safety of every employee, visitor and contractor. Every one of us must perform our activities safely and carefully to prevent accidents and impairments to health. STEP-G has resolved to design its workplaces, so they are safer and healthier. Constant analysis ensures safe plants, tools, processes and work routines. Furthermore, STEP-G is also invested in the health and safety of employees in their free time. That’s why we offer them regular support in the form of health campaigns and personal development programmes 

Quality Education

  • We further the careers of our employees and managers. This includes training and further training opportunities for everybody, irrespective of gender, background or other personal factors 
  • We offer apprenticeships and are keen to give youngsters the chance to grow with us 


Gender Equality

  • STEP-G is an equal-opportunities employer with a focus on personnel development 
  • We are dedicated to supporting the people in our company on an equal level, also encouraging women to enter technical professions 

Affordable and clean energy

  • STEP-G solutions contribute significantly to better energy efficiency worldwide 
  • The constant improvement of energy efficiency in our production boosts our competitiveness, which in turn secures jobs and supports clean energy targets

Decent work and economic growth

  • At our locations staff benefit from extras such as sports programmes, gyms, health days and other events integrated in our health management system 
  • It is part of our philosophy to design and constantly improve workplaces to ensure good working conditions. What’s more, our targets are anchored to the EMAS environmental declaration. Our STEP-G code of conduct and ethics demands the same commitment from our suppliers 

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Solutions and technologies from STEP-G form the basis for sustainable technological development. Lightweight construction, recyclability and durable solutions are essential for sustainable life cycles 
  • Continuous improvement of our processes, plants and machinery help save resources and cut climate-harming gas emissions 
  • STEP-G has a decentral organisational structure. This ensures regional supply of customers as well as sustainable industrialisation 

Sustainable cities and communities

  • Our solutions for efficient urban mobility contribute significantly to a cleaner future. They enable lightweight construction in the transport industry for road, rail and air traffic. Our lightweight construction solutions drive progress in transport 
  • Our product solutions reduce pollutant and noise emissions 
  • With targeted campaigns, we support municipal projects and create sustainable value for society 
  • For example, we donate money and resources to provide disadvantaged families with IT equipment 

Responsible consumption and production

  • Top standards of sustainable production and solutions ensure maximum eco-efficiency 
  • Our integrated management system complies with EMAS III Directive (EC) No. 1221/2009. This determines our sustainable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly operations at all levels.

Climate action

  • We are aware of the issues at stake and we’re working in various projects towards achieving CO² neutrality by 2030. Our customers can rely on us to meet or even exceed their targets 
  • We support the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement and even seek to exceed its requirements relating to society, the state and our customers 
  • Energy saving and strict emissions management are further pillars of our sustainability policy 
  • We are your expert partner for CO2-neutral mobility. Many of our solutions are applied in state-of-the-art technologies and sustainable products 

Life on land

Biodiversity is an important topic for STEP-G. A constant source of pleasure for us is the honey from our STEP-G bees and their busy activity in our beehives. Just as good to see is the host of diverse plants that grow at our locations.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

  • The STEP-G Legal Compliance System forms the basis for our consistent, uncompromising adherence to statutory regulations and also internal regulations which go even further 
  • We also expect compliance with the same regulations in our supplier chain. All our suppliers receive a copy of our code of conduct and ethics 
  • We have established a confidential reporting system so an employee can use it to report suspected non-conformities without fear of reprisal