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Comprehensive technology expertise along the entire value-creation chain

STEP-G is a leading producer of lightweight, sustainable aluminium solutions. We have acquired, honed and constantly optimised our technical expertise over more than 100 years. We prioritise innovative and resource-saving technological processes over the entire value-creation chain – for extruded and customised aluminium profiles.

Find out more about our technology expertise and processing options. Gain a brief insight into our comprehensive range. We apply our technical expertise to support the closed-loop manufacturing of aluminium. The cycle starts with production in our own foundry and continues with extrusion on our twelve extrusion presses. Then subsequent further processing and additional surface finishing follow. This is how we produce highly complex extruded aluminium products to specific customer requirements.

Our technologies at a glance


As far as customer and application-specific requirements allow, we at STEP-G support sustainable cast aluminium production with the maximum possible input of secondary aluminium. Therefore, STEP-G produces billets by continuous casting which are suitable for further processing in the form of extrusion pressing, forging and rolling.

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Extrusion pressing is one of the key forming processes for aluminium. STEP-G draws on more than 100 years of experience in aluminium profile extrusion, especially for medium and large profiles. Wrought-alloy billets produced by continuous casting are first heated, then pressed into a customer-specific forming tool. During this stage we ensure the highest quality and compliance with complex tolerances. At STEP-G , we offer both direct and indirect extrusion and the pressing of seamless tubes for plant construction. This is how we produce a large range of aluminium extruded profiles and provide extensive options for highly complex, specific customer requirements in many market sectors.

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Further processing

At all our STEP-G locations we provide comprehensive further processing options. Thanks to major investments, our machining  and processing centres are state-of-the-art, and in some cases even highly automated. We can meet complex specifications and draw on a wealth of experience in forming and machining as well as thermal connections. This makes us an attractive partner for customers in all market sectors. We aim to deliver a first-class range of services in further processing.

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We routinely perform both manual and automatic welding of extruded aluminium profiles in our production shops. Thanks to our many years of experience and high level of expertise in this area, welding is a stand-out element in the extensive range of processing options available from STEP-G. Our broad spectrum of welding methods ensures that STEP-G efficiently manages project-specific customer requirements.

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Surface finishing

Customers can choose from a wide range of surface finishing options for aluminium processing. The purpose of finishing is to optimise the natural aluminium surface. Therefore, STEP-G offers both mechanical and chemical coating processes. The chemical surface finishings we provide are (hard) anodising and KTL coating as well as painting and powder coating, conventional anodising, pickling and chromating.

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To ensure optimal quality, delivery reliability and comprehensive service  we also integrate our suppliers in the continuous improvement and optimisation of our value-creation processes within the aluminium manufacturing cycle. Our focus is always on our customers’ requirements. At STEP-G, we consistently observe the applicable guidelines and international standards. Therefore, we regularly perform internal audits and arrange external audits by certification bodies. This guarantees high quality throughout the order fulfilment process.