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A closer look at our aluminium foundry and casting operations

Production of aluminium alloys in our foundry in Hettstedt

We use our foundry to produce a wide range of alloys – from top-quality standard aluminium alloys to customer-specific special alloys. Aluminium is a versatile, lightweight metal which  we cast, shape, modify and optimise it to make materials tailored to our customers' requirements.  

Our foundry cast house in Hettstedt meets modern technology standards. We perform the entire aluminium casting process here, from melting to casting, homogenisation, sawing and turning the billets. 

1. Smelting

2. Holding

3. Casting

4. Homogenisation

5. Sawing

6. Turning

The first step in aluminium casting is creating the required composition of the melt and transferring it to a separate casting furnace. We apply the mould – using this method to cast round bars into various diameters and lengths. The billets are available in their raw condition (non-turned) or turned. Learn more about our aluminium casting parts.

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Over 50 years of experience in casting high-quality alloys

Components made of cast aluminium are growing in importance in many industries. They are increasingly replacing components made from other metals (e.g. steel). Above all new aluminium alloys enable the production of assemblies with complex functions at low cost. 

Drawing on over 70 years of expertise in casting a wide variety of alloy components in our foundry, we produce customised aluminium alloys for a variety of applications in key industries. We supply our cast parts to customers in sectors including automotive, general engineering, forging and specialist distribution. By using secondary aluminium, we contribute significantly and sustainably to a reduced carbon footprint. Compared to using primary aluminium using recycling aluminium we save around 95 percent of the energy required for production. 

Your partner for top-quality materials

Our aluminium foundry in Hettstedt specialises in highly sophisticated aluminium wrought alloys with properties optimised for specific applications and markets. One of our major areas of expertise is casting high-strength alloys. That's why our customers can be confident that the materials and aluminium extruded billets from our foundry will meet their requirements. To ensure consistently high quality in production our foundry regularly renews its DIN-EN certification according to EMAS (including DIN EN ISO 14001) and ISO 9001.

Perfectly cast to your requirements

We produce our large variety of alloys in order to supply our customers with a range of high-quality products. More about our range of alloys.

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