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Our vision for sustainable, lightweight solutions in aluminium

Since the foundation of the first STEP-G factory in 1915, we have focused on sustainable solutions made of aluminium. Our products are designed to help build a better future for everybody. Throughout our corporate history, the world has continuously changed in cycles of further development. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we can still guarantee that our solutions contribute to the long-term sustainable future of society. 

Your specialist for sustainable lightweight aluminium solutions

With the experience gained we deliver high-quality, innovative solutions in aluminium. Our success is also based on strong values: continuity, innovation, performance and openness. These corporate values have helped us become a proven supplier and reliable partner to many industries worldwide. Our aluminium lightweight construction products provide visible evidence of the continuous improvement in our products and processes. What motivates us is our passion for driving modern life forward with attractive, sustainable and lightweight solutions.

What drives us – our vision

Everybody needs a vision and a long-term goal. That also applies within companies. In close consultations between management and employees, STEP-G has refined and developed our corporate vision. For the team at STEP-G it is important that every employee knows and gets fully behind the direction we are committed to taking.

Aluminium is our passion and has been for more than 100 years. Over this time, our expertise and experience in the development, extrusion, processing and refining of the material has grown consistently. As have along our logistics capabilities. In today’s world of rapid change, we deliver consistent high-quality products based on our experience.

STEP-G Vision

Our passion is driving modern life forward with attractive, sustainable and lightweight solutions.

Our passion is driving modern life forward with attractive, sustainable and lightweight solutions.

At STEP-G, we reflect on where we are going every day. This helps us achieve our goals by constantly improving our internal processes. We expect everybody at STEP-G to share their knowledge and to enhance their own, their colleagues’ and the company’s capabilities. Only together in close cooperation with our customers can we improve and sustain material flow and supply. Also recycling, green production and digitalisation. All these aspects are vital to the future of our society.

Our vision drives us every day. STEP-G has the advantage of being able to draw on 100 years of experience in extrusion, further processing and refinement. What’s more, we never stop working on self-improvement.

STEP-G Mission

We pour our passion, quality and wealth of experience into the continuous improvement of our products and processes. As a proven supplier to many industries worldwide we are your partner of choice for sustainable aluminium lightweight construction solutions.

We build on our core values

Continuity, innovative strength, performance and openness. These core values underpin our activities and the attitude of the whole STEP-G workforce. They connect us with each other and our customers, partners and suppliers. Key features of our company are highly motivated staff, their identification with our products and very importantly satisfied customers.

Our core values determine our attitude and our conduct. They form the basis for our daily success and are evident in everything we do. They define the company and show who we are and where we’re going. Our core values are unique, and we believe central to our success!


means we apply persistence and discipline in our daily work so that our customers can rely on STEP-G quality


means we develop surprising, unusual, creative and innovative solutions.


means we apply focus, expertise and confidence to everything we do.


means we treat all employees, customers and suppliers on an equal level. Our approach to them and to change is intercultural, active, flexible, wide awake and without prejudice.

Our principles guide our actions


Occupational safely is a major priority at STEP-G. We watch out for our colleagues and also treat the environment with respect.


We live and work according to defined and practiced processes which we continually improve to meet the requirements of our customers.


We communicate directly, openly and respectfully. We listen before we speak and answer questions without delay.


We lead with respect and value each individual. We all act as role models. Our managers are always ready to talk to colleagues and build team spirit.


We promote professional qualifications and share our expertise and specialist knowledge throughout the company.

Goal orientation

We agree clear goals and fully commit to achieving them. All staff complete their tasks independently.


We take on and share responsibilities and expect everybody to do the same. We keep our promises.