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Change in the management of STEP-G

| ST Extruded Products Germany GmbH

Markus Ogawa is the new Managing Director at ST Extruded Products Group, STEP-G for short. He replaces Michael Zint.

Markus Ogawa, Managing Director STEP-G

Change in the management of STEP-G

Markus Ogawa is the new Managing Director at ST Extruded Products Group, STEP-G for short. He replaces Michael Zint. Mr Ogawa has worked for STEP-G for five years as Business Liaison Manager.

“We would like to thank Mr Zint for his extraordinary commitment and dedication over recent years. At the same time, we are pleased that we have been able to find an experienced manager from our own ranks in Mr Ogawa. We are convinced that Mr Ogawa, together with the entire STEP-G team, will continue and build on the successful work of recent years,” said Tomokazu Yamashita, Chief Executive Officer of Sankyo Tateyama Europe BVBA.

As Managing Director, Michael Zint has made a significant contribution to the integration of the extrusion division of the American company Aleris Extrusions into the Japanese group Sankyo Tateyama, Inc. and the establishment of ST Extruded Products Germany GmbH. With him as Managing Director, the group was also able to acquire important strategic partners and implement forward-looking projects. Michael Zint left the company on his own will.

With more than fifteen years of experience in project management within the aluminium and automotive industry, Markus Ogawa is an intercultural communications expert. Following the takeover of STEP-G in 2015, he helped manage the company’s integration into the Japanese parent company Sankyo Tateyama Inc. from the outset and has successfully established effective communications between these two different cultures. Later, he coordinated the first cross-company joint project between STEP-G and Sankyo Tateyama Inc. in the automotive industry and led it to success.

Ogawa’s professional career has included roles at Mazda Europe, Toyota Motor Europe and Sekisui Chemical. Most recently, he worked as an independent consultant for partnership negotiations between Japanese as well as German and French companies. Since 2016, he has been responsible as Business Liaison Manager at STEP-G for the coordination of communications between the European plants and the Japanese parent company. In addition, he supported the sales department as a consultant for Japanese customers and partners.

“I am very much looking forward to this new task. Together with the team, I aim to master the constant challenges and current developments in the aluminium industry holistically and successfully for STEP-G and its brands BUG Aluminium-Systeme and RMG. It is important to me to get the company back on course towards sustainable growth, so that we can optimally manage our customers’ requirements in line with the changed situation in the market,” said Markus Ogawa about his appointment as Managing Director.


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