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New Executive Management at STEP-G


At the start of the new business year, there will be a change in the Executive Management of ST Extruded Products Group (STEP-G). As from April 1, 2024, Faruk Tüfekli (Director Operations) and Stefan Knabben (Director Sales) will assume the executive management of STEP-G as Co-Managing Directors. They will succeed Markus Ogawa, the current Managing Director of STEP-G, who will leave the company on March 31, 2024.

New Executive Management at STEP-G
Faruk Tüfekli (l.) and Stefan Knabben (r.) – the future Co-Managing Directors of ST Extruded Products Group. // © STEP-G

We would like to thank Markus Ogawa sincerely for his excellent work, his leadership and his contribution to the success of STEP-G during his tenure. We are delighted to have found two ideal candidates within the company. Mr. Tüfekli and Mr. Knabben will in future manage the company as a dual leadership team.

The two new Managing Directors are looking forward to a positive future and are keen to take up the reins and tackle the challenges to come. Together they will steer the company in a fresh, forward-looking and target-oriented direction with a revamped corporate strategy.

Mr. Tüfekli has been responsible for Technology & Operations at STEP-G since 2018. As such a long-serving member of the company, he draws on a deep understanding of the entire corporate structure. Through his knowledge and years of experience, he knows the organisation inside out and applies his expertise to drive profitable and positive corporate development. At the beginning of last year, Mr. Knabben took on the position of Director Sales, assuming responsibility for the sales team, marketing and project management at STEP-G. He previously worked for Speira GmbH (formerly Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products), a globally operating aluminium rolling and recycling company with its own research and development centre. He occupied various management positions there, including Sales Director Automotive, Foil and Lithography as well as Director Commercial Development Speira. This gives him wide-ranging expertise in the aluminium industry and ensures he can bring a fresh approach and new ideas to the company. Together, Mr. Knabben and Mr. Tüfekli will lead the company into the next phase of growth and success.

“With our dual leadership and newly developed corporate strategy, we will take STEP-G along new paths into the future. The industry and the market as well as the entire corporate world are in transition right now. As a company in the aluminium sector, we want to continue our success and remain an attractive employer. To do this, we need to move with the times, develop innovative and sustainable products and ensure just-in-time production and delivery. Then we will achieve and retain an excellent market position on a fiercely contested market”, emphasises Tüfekli. Knabben adds: “For some time now, we’ve expanded our scope beyond extruded products alone. We have evolved from a pure profile manufacturer into a component supplier. Today, we offer tailor-made, customer-oriented aluminium solutions. We’re also implementing a new employer branding strategy. It will ensure that in future we attract the ideal employees for us who want to develop with us and apply their potential for the benefit of the company”. “We’ve set ourselves ambitious goals and defined a number of steps to achieve them. We will systematically work through and successively implement these steps”, say Knabben and Tüfekli. “We intend to achieve our goals through continuous process optimisations plus customer-specific service agreements and excellent delivery performance. One of our main priorities is the early identification and assessment of market and customer requirements so that we can respond with tailored and innovative customer and service solutions. What’s also important to us are lean, clearly structured and efficient processes throughout our organisation. We are also aware of our responsibility and act sustainably and without compromise in the interests of our company and our customers, always according to our principle: ‘Excellence! Let’s do it! Best!’”.


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Pressrelease "STEP-G New Executive Management"
Image "Faruk Tüfekli (l.) and Stefan Knabben (r.) – the future Co-Managing Directors of ST Extruded Products Group. // © STEP-G"

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