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STEP-G procures 100 per cent green gas for its German locations

| ST Extruded Products Germany GmbH BUG

The ST Extruded Products Group, STEP-G for short, and its brand BUG Aluminium-Systeme are consistently pursuing its chosen path to greater sustainability. The specialist manufacturer of aluminium extruded profiles is now expanding its sustainability programme by switching to 100 per cent green gas. As a result, STEP-G now produces sustainable aluminium profiles for a wide range of applications in an environmentally friendly manner.

Like many other energy-intensive production companies, STEP-G is currently facing huge challenges in terms of maintaining its production operations while at the same time implementing and expanding its adopted sustainability strategy in line with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda. For this reason, the decision was taken last year to offset 100 per cent of the CO2 emissions linked to the Group’s consumption of gas. Although large quantities of gas are consumed during production of extruded aluminium profiles, this process can be made carbon-neutral through the use of green gas. All STEP-G locations in Germany were switched to 100 per cent green electricity back in early 2022.

Markus Ogawa, Managing Director of STEP-G, said “I am convinced we have made the right decision by switching to green gas at all our German locations. We see it as our responsibility to set an example in the market and also at our locations and the surrounding areas. For this reason we are relentlessly pursuing our sustainability strategy in order to help reduce CO2 emissions for both current and future generations.”

Aluminium profiles are now routinely used in various industries and have thus become an integral part of our economy and our daily lives. In automotive manufacturing, for example, extruded profiles and components are used in both conventional and electric drive systems. Due to their unique properties, including low weight, excellent mouldability and high strength (for crash-tested parts), aluminium profiles are essential components in modern vehicle construction. They are also ubiquitous in other sectors, such as the rail vehicle industry, machinery construction, the construction industry and distribution. This investment in and funding for our European locations is a fundamental prerequisite for maintaining security of supply and reducing CO2 emissions through localised value chains and shortened transport routes. By using 100 per cent green gas and green electricity, STEP-G is strengthening its German locations and improving not only its own carbon footprint but also that of its customers.


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