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STEP-G donates to charity Brennessel e.V.

| ST Extruded Products Germany GmbH

For several years, STEP-G staff at the Vogt location have been collecting money at company events for donation to social and charity organisations in the region. This year, the donation of EUR 1,150 goes to Brennessel e.V. in Ravensburg.

For a number of years, the staff at STEP-G have been collecting donations once a year. The aim is to collect as much cash or material donations as possible to pass on to worthy causes in the region and to support people in the local area. Every possible way of raising funds has been included, from lotteries of suppliers’ gifts to material donations to in-house sales of pre-owned objects. There are no limits to the ingeniousness of the staff. The campaign always focuses on a regional social or charity organisation.

This year, helpers got busy baking all kinds of cakes and pastries for the STEP-G Family Day in September. The proceeds from the cake sale plus additional staff donations went into one pot. Sebastian Sachs, the Plant Manager of STEP-G Vogt, doubled the amount collected. That added up to a sum of EUR 1,150, which was donated to the Ravensburg association Brennessel e.V.

Silke Schaich, a member of the association board of the Ravensburg support centre run by Brennessel e.V., is delighted with the generous donation from the STEP-G workforce: “Brennessel is dedicated to providing low-barrier help and advice for sexually abused children and young adults. We’re always incredibly happy to receive donations such as this one from STEP-G in Vogt. All donations are used directly for our advice and prevention work. Especially since the Covid restrictions, neglect and domestic violence against children have increased. That makes our help even more important”.

The charitable association provides advice not only for children and young adults, but also for adults who experienced sexual abuse in childhood. Apart from this support, Brennessel also runs a varied range of prevention projects that promote awareness in society that can help prevent sexual abuse.

Thomas Weber, Head of the STEP-G Works Council, explains: “Our job is not only to take responsibility for the welfare of our employees at STEP-G, but also to support the company as a responsible employer in the region.”

The two organisers of the annual STEP-G events such as the Family Day and Christmas parties are fully committed to helping people in need in the region of the company location through money or material donations. “We believe this regional support is important. Every year we’re delighted with how generously our staff donate to good causes. Only with their help can we support social and charity organisations in Vogt such as Brennessel e.V.” says Sebastian Sachs, the Plant Manager of STEP-G in Vogt.

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