Automotive industry

Crash and bumper systems

With many years of experience in rail vehicle and automotive engineering STEP-G supplies crash and bumper systems to OEM`s and major Tier1 subcontractors in the automotive industry.

Crash systems

Crash sections are fitted in the front part of the vehicle, therefore protecting other parts of the vehicle in a collision — especially the passenger cell. Upon impact, these parts undergo deformation in a defined manner by absorbing the impact energy. The sections must be able to withstand the shock-like axial impact of a collision without breaking. The automotive industry defines different strength classes ranging from Rp0.2 200 to 360 MPa. In addition, these special sections fulfill numerous other requirements such as corrosion resistance and weldability.

Crash alloys

STEP-G also has long-term experience with crash systems  for rail vehicle construction and has been developing special aluminium alloys for the automotive industry for about 15 years. We are currently involved in the development of high-strength crash alloys with Rp0.2 ≥ 280 MPa. These are developed on the basis of Al-Mg-Si alloys. In the detail, they are significantly different from the standard alloys. Our special crash alloys are primarily used for crash boxes, bumpers and reinforcement elements such as side impact protection. For these items, STEP-G is a qualified and approved supplier for most of the European OEM`s.

Bumper systems

STEP-G carries out the required component tests for the automotive industry projects, from material inspection to laboratory processes and compression tests.

Components for electric and hybrid motors

System components with tight tolerances play an important role for the new generation of electric and hybrid vehicles. STEP-G focus is on housings for e-engines and power packs. For this components internal diameters and form and position tolerances of the mandrel/cooling channels are important for the functionality. STEP-G provides complete extruded and further fabricated parts for electric-/hybrid vehicles.


We make an important contribution to the reduction of fuel and CO2 emissions with our lightweight components.

Components for electric motor blocks

  • Manufacture as single-component extruded profile
  • Modular design to suit motor rating
  • External diameter from 100 to 350 mm
  • Integrated cooling channels
  • Fixings for bolts and pipes can be incorporated
  • EN AW 6xxx alloy
  • Full manufacturing with extremely tight tolerances available inhouse
  • Development with all leading suppliers

Components for battery cases

  • Flexibly adaptable to various battery sizes
  • Different fastening connections possible
  • EN AW 6xxx alloy
  • Development with all leading suppliers

Forging material for the automotive industry

STEP-G has been closely co-operating with the forging industry for over 20 years. Our material is used for safety parts in the automotive industry. We optimise alloys for the respective manufacturing process and application in close cooperation with our customers. Our quality products are preferred by most of the import automotive component suppliers.

Alloys are most often developed on the basis of the standard alloys EN AW 6061, EN AW 6182 and EN AW 6082. Strengths Rp0.2 of 400 to 450 MPa are achieved in the forged part. Our products feature a particularly high surface quality and robust characteristics in demanding manufacturing processes. In addition to our extruded sections, we also offer our customers cast round bars with a diameter up to 670 mm.

Example of STEP-G forging alloys

Standard quality 

STEP-G forging quality

Rp0.2 260 – 320 MPa

Rp0.2 400 – 450 MPa

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