Code of conduct and ethics

As a multinational company and thus as a part of the complete global economic and ecological system, the ST Extruded Products Group (STEP-G) has a responsibility which — in everyday trading alone — obliges us to act properly in accordance with ethical, legal and other internal specifications as well as with professional conduct in every situation.

In our everyday activities, it is important to us to satisfy customer requirements with all of their specifications. For this reason, it is necessary to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, to gain the trust of our customers and thus to become a reliable and long-term partner for our customers. In order to fulfil these demands, we also expect our suppliers and service providers to guarantee the optimum level of quality, delivery reliability and extensive services along the supply chain to us. The continuous improvement and optimisation of our value-added chain and — where necessary – the adjustment of organisational structures are the foundations for this.

With its values of openness, innovation, performance and continuity, STEP-G is fully committed to sustainable economic activity. However, it is our employees in particular who are able to achieve this through their work. The correct conduct of each and every one of our employees who act as permanent ambassadors for the company, both internally and in public, shapes the nature of our everyday activities. This applies both to contacting customers, business partners, suppliers, competitors and bearers of public duties and to dealing with their own colleagues.

This code of conduct and ethics sums up the most important specifications. The code applies to all employees and to contractors who work for or on behalf of STEP-G. The code defines the fundamental principles for STEP-G to ensure that our business activities comply with the law.

We are fully committed to acting respectably, honourably and in conformity with the rules in our daily business activities and stand by the following principles of conduct and ethics.

Foreword of the Executive Management
Vogt, June 2016

DOWNLOAD: STEP-G Code of Conduct

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