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As a multinational company, thus as a part of the global, ecological overall system, we see our daily behavior as a contribution for maintenance the ecological balance. We commit responsibility and want to fulfill our contribution to save the natural conditions of living. Our company policy represents the basic for this behavior.

This company policy is relevant for all employees and contractors that are working for or in order of the ST Extruded Products Group (STEP-G). We invite all visitors to comply with the policy. To keep conform with the policy, these groups are responsible at the plants Bitterfeld (GER), Bonn (GER), Hettstedt, (GER), Ladenburg (GER), Vogt (GER), Duffel (BEL) und Tianjin (PRC).

Elementary are management systems regarding to established international standards (e. g. DIN ISO 9001 and 14001, IATF 16949, etc.). These systems build on continuous improvement for the safety, environment protection and quality management. The targets of the management system are regularly measured, evaluated, recorded and communicated (as well in dialog with politics, authorities, general public and social groups of interest). Therefor it is essential to live an open flow of information and communication. As a matter of course is transparency in the company culture of STEP-G. We monitor the adherence and efficiency with regular audits. STEP-G pledges oneself to comply with all valid laws, regulations, guidance and standards and other requirements.

We consider the requirements for health, safety and environment protection already during the process of development for new products and processes of production. Therefore it is predefined to use the potential to save energy and resources and to avoid, reduce or recycle pollutants, noise emissions and waste. In addition we realize valuable substances in an appropriate way and do dispose properly what cannot be recycled. On our own responsibility we monitor and control our installations and procedures as well as the air, water, waste and noise.

Every single employee of our company is encouraged to accomplish an active contribution to protect the environment. We promote the ecology-mined behavior of our employees with information and trainings. All workplaces are align with the preventive protection for health and safety of the employees.

Health and safety of all employees, visitors and contractors have the highest priority for STEP-G. Everyone has the responsibility to work safely and to avoid accidents, injuries and illnesses. The target for STEP-G is to make the workplaces more safe and healthy. Permanent analyses lead to safe installations, tools, procedures and standards. Also the health and safety of the employees during their leisure time is important for STEP-G. The company assists their employees and affords activities.

Considering the economic aspects, STEP-G preserves resources and uses them efficiently to avoid waste and emissions. Preventive inspections, services and maintenance avoid hazardous incidents and failures. The environmental aspects and the results of the actions are regularly checked and actualized. We commit ourselves to continuous improvement of our environmental performance. Therefore STEP-G allocates all necessary resources (human resource, time, finance) as well as all relevant information. The respect for the environment as well as the personal responsibility and the environmentally aware are constantly communicated and encouraged.

For STEP-G is important to meet the customer requirements with all their specifications, to reach highest customer satisfaction, to earn the confidence of the customer and to get a loyalty partner to the customer. To fulfill this aspiration we involve our suppliers and contractors to optimize quality, delivery performance as an extensive service. Focus of the continuous improvement is the optimizing of the procedures and the organizational structure as well.

The employees of STEP-G become continuously qualified to meet the requirements. Increasing personal responsibility for quality as well as imparting the knowledge of their direct and indirect impact on it is part of the training of the employees.

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